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Have you ever felt you were in the presence of someone that really "sees" you? Someone who can hear what you're really saying, simply by the tone of your voice? Or someone that can truly see your greatness, even if it's hidden behind your own obstacles? I have. My coaching journey with Ruth Katz has made a significant impact on my life, and that impact continues to unfold each day.  Not only did Ruth help me see the reality behind my fears, she pushed me with compassion and great strength. Our wonderful phone conversations always felt natural, but they were absolutely directed; our dynamic was often confronting, but I was consistently left feeling hopeful.  If you are ready to live a fulfilling life—the kind of life you've always wanted—I highly recommend you choose Ruth Katz to begin an amazing coaching journey.

--Lauren, 56, Executive Director, national non-profit

I worked with Ruth through a major transitional period of my life. I was starting a new job, moving back "home,” and wanting to stay true to myself. Ruth's coaching approach is compassionate and focused on action and accountability. She created a safe space for our work to be authentic and open. My coaching journey with Ruth was powerful, impactful, and moving, and I am so grateful for her guidance as I navigated this phase of my life.  -- Letitia, 36, Technology Executive

Ruth is a highly skilled coach. She is pure-hearted, generous, committed, non-judgmental, focused, and wise. Through her guidance, I have been able to connect with the deepest parts of my soul. Each session with Ruth has led me back to a heart-centered place where I have more awareness, self-love, clarity, and direction for where I need to go. Ruth is skilled at tracking our conversations and keeping me forward-focused and accountable to my own goals. Knowing Ruth has my back is paramount. I trust Ruth immensely and would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready and willing to take their life to the next level.  

–Karen, consultant

Ruth's grounded approach is an invitation to bring my humanity to my work, in a time of significant professional upheaval and ultimately, growth. Ruth notices: there is such power from being seen, heard, and questioned. I arrive at a session with my mind like a tangle of yarn; I leave with the beginning of a weaving. And Ruth does more than notice, she challenges: she challenges me to respond to what's noticed with depth and curiosity, and to set actions for myself to carry our work into my life. To continue the weaving, bolstered with a growing sense of clarity, purpose, and confidence in myself as a leader. I didn't know if I was up for the challenge, but with Ruth's deft and steadfast support, I now know that I am. 
- Michelle, 36, Executive Director, non-profit arts organization

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