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My story

My coaching story begins with the moment my sister-in-law, a successful executive coach, sidled up to me as we cooked dinner on a family vacation and whispered in my ear, “you need to become a coach.” She knew it was an un-coachy thing to do, but she also knew that I possessed some natural talent for coaching.


For me, that moment sparked a recognition that much of my career had been spent instinctively infusing coaching practices into my work. As a content writer my job was to help content experts encapsulate their knowledge into a cogent and inspiring narrative that spoke to customers. This was business-to-business marketing of sophisticated scientific research technology, so I was not “dumbing down” information but raising it up beyond the technical details.

My favorite part of that work was sitting with content experts, excavating their knowledge from the deep recesses of their minds and helping them shape it into a narrative…the story of their life’s work and a expression of the passion and purpose that drives them.

That’s coaching. And, as with true coaching, the experience left my clients with a renewed sense of clarity and confidence. They returned to their desks with a revitalized understanding of what brought them there in the first place, and reported that their rekindled energy helped fuel better work.

Since that fateful day I have become certified as a Co-active Professional Coach through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and I have built a vibrant and growing coaching
business serving executives, professionals, and individuals.

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