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My Experience

My career began in the work-life industry, which sought to help organizations
understand, leverage, and develop the broad talents of their workforce. In today’s
business environment these efforts are often folded into executive/leadership
development and other human resources initiatives.


I also spent many years as a content writer for various business-to-business
organizations. I helped technology experts share and sell their vision, knowledge, and
products to customers through websites, executive speeches, annual reports, employee
engagement programs, and all manner of marketing materials.


I extended this work as a fundraiser, helping non-profits tell their story and generate
support from foundations, corporations, and individuals.


In addition to all that, I have an MBA in Sustainable Business from Presidio Graduate School and a degree in Psychology from Haverford College.

Finally, I am originally from New York, and I now live happily in San Francisco with my two sons, two dogs, and one husband.

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