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My approach

I believe strongly in the principles and techniques of the CTI program. The basic premise of their approach is that personal progress must stem from a deep connection to our values, a vision of what we want from our lives, self-awareness around what holds us back, and the drive to take action.

I see coaching as structured and purposeful improvisational conversations. Using a series of tested tools as jumping off points, my clients and I play with ideas, words, images, and feelings until they land on a vision and perspective that resonates, illuminates, and ignites.

Metaphor is one of my favorite coaching tools. The right metaphor opens up a universe of exploration free from the confines of details and assumptions, and allows for a more nuanced analysis of situations and circumstances. I also pay close attention to themes and patterns over time, and my approach combines equal parts empathy and candor.

My ultimate goal is resonance. The feeling of things coming together. The feeling of removing old shackles and stepping into the big leagues. Resonance is the feeling that sticks with you and drives you to act. Because once you feel it, you just want more.

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